Fault Identification and location


It's better to fix it before it impacts your network.

Hunter's innovative radar technology identifies the source of Common Path Distortion (CPD), way before your network is affected.

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Advanced Technology


It's better to see what others can't.

In an all-digital network CPD is indistinguishable from noise - and if you can't properly define the problem, you won’t be able to fix it. Arcom’s Xcor is the only technology able to make this distinction.

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Leak Detection and Tracking


It's better to know the difference between urgent and important.

Only QAM Snare provides a mechanism to Intelligently Prioritize repairs - saving you time and resources and increasing customer satisfaction.

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Advanced Technology


It's better to avoid obsolescence.

QAM Snare is engineered to work in the networks of today and tomorrow. Compatible with QAM, OFDM, OFDMA and analog modulation formats – it is ready today for high split and FDX networks – ensuring your investment today will still work in years to come.

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Fault Identification and Location


It's better to drive directly to the source of impairment.

A field tool that does more than just measure a problem - it tells you exactly where you need to go to fix it.

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Filters + Accessories


Smaller is better.

Arcom filters run on our patented FlexAr System, which means they are not only smaller, but have better performance than any other filter on the market when it comes to optimized response and return loss.

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About Arcom



We spend time in the field, listening to our customers, understanding their challenges and looking for ways we can impact their performance today as well as anticipate how we might help them adapt in the future. We design products that perform better, are easier to use, and that improve the operation and overall health of our customers' networks.

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