Intelligent Prioritization

Intelligent prioritization


The benefit of root cause analysis

Intelligent Prioritization is a technique to triage the problems in your network. Using Arcom’s Hunter system to uncover the root cause of network impairments you are able to identify and deal with the issues likely to cause the most immediate problems and avoid wasting valuable time and resources to fix impairments that are a non-issue.

Carrier to noise ratio

Arcom’s Hunter system continuously calculates the carrier to noise ratio (CNR) of each return channel and uses this information to set alarm parameters. Any time you react to an alarm, you know that you are chasing a real issue where repair will leave you with a better performing network. Other return path monitoring systems simply alarm if the noise floor elevates above an arbitrary threshold – a method that cannot reliably predict network affecting impairments.

CPD vs. noise and ingress

Hunter is the only system that detects and locates CPD. Hunter also differentiates CPD from noise and ingress, allowing you to intelligently dispatch resources to repair the problems worth fixing. CPD should be treated differently from noise and ingress – which are likely the cumulative effect from many sources originating at the customer’s home. CPD can be identified by Hunter as coming from one or a few locations most commonly in the hard-line. Fixing one source of noise or ingress will not necessarily improve the network, and there is no reason to expect that a noise source will become worse over time. CPD, on the other hand, is a network deficiency where corrosion is attacking a system component. The corrosion will not fix itself, and at some time in the future it will get worse – every CPD source is fully worth the effort to repair.

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