Predictive Maintenance

Stop CPD in its tracks, before it affects your network.

The unparalleled visibility to CPD events provided by the Hunter and Virtual Hunter platforms is a valuable tool that can integrate with any PNM platform. Upgrade from Proactive Network Maintenance to Predictive Network Maintenance.  Visibility to CPD sources that are not yet network affecting allows you to schedule maintenance conveniently and cost effectively, where problems are likely to occur in the future.

CPD is slowly eating away at your network.

CPD will not fix itself, and the corrosive elements that are typically the cause will only ever get worse over time. As network devices begin to exhibit problems, they provide feedback in the form of intermodulation – initially low-level signals that gradually appear in the return path and then grow larger over time. Hunter employs unique Arcom technology to listen to this feedback and provide an opportunity to fix the device before it becomes network- or subscriber-affecting.

How it works

Predictive Maintenance gives you visibility and information on issues that will cause network disruption in the future, letting you fix the problem before it even arises. For example:

On April 14 there is a small CPD source @ 87.350µs that is not yet network-affecting. Note the good CNR and the clean frequency response. This CPD source is large enough that it could have been easily found in the field using a Quiver, but would have been invisible to any other test equipment.
Less than a month later on May 11 there is a huge CPD source at the same 87.350µs time distance that has significantly grown in magnitude and is now very network-affecting. The CNR has deteriorated and is now critical with reference to the DOCSIS specification. Predictive Maintenance could have prevented this outage. With Predictive Maintenance, there is no need to wait until the problem is network-affecting.


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