How It Works


PNM+ System Architecture

PNM+ can be implemented as a stand-alone software polling and data collection application to provide information on CMTS alarms as well as forward signal capture and pre-equalization analysis to provide data on micro-reflections. PNM+ can also be integrated with Hunter to provide full return path analysis and to continuously capture and store statistics on CPD, return spectrum, impulse noise, and CNR (Carrier-Noise Ratio) alarms. PNM+ integrated with Hunter is the only application that provides full monitoring of all existing impairments, covering both linear and nonlinear distortions, and timing synchronization such that the effect of RF impairments on CMTS/CM communication can be easily correlated. Know exactly what RF problem is causing the exact data transmission problem. This is very powerful data and a game changer in how the network is maintained.

How it works


Proactive Network Maintenance

Landing Screen

The landing screen shows current and hourly historical views of which nodes are performing well and which have impairments according to the criterion that you establish.

Drill down

Select a node that you want to investigate and analyze further. Summary information will be presented on Return path alarms, CMTS alarms, and Forward signal alarms. See what is happening right now, and see the clear benefit of having current CMTS and RF alarms synchronized on one screen.

RF impairment

Select a specific RF signal alarm to investigate and view the time distance to CPD source and the RF return spectrum – WITH an indication of CNR for return channel.

CMTS impairment

Select CMTS alarms and view current CMTS impairments, CW errors, SNR, and linear distortion pre-correction coefficient data pulled from CM CableLabs PNM tool. Select an upstream and get specific data for each CM on the upstream.

Identify and locate

Select a specific CM of interest to view its precise location on a map with other problem modems in the correlation group highlighted, along with network maps and time distance to the impairment indicated. This allows you to dispatch a technician with the proper troubleshooting tools to fix the issue.

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PNM+ in the field

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