PNM enabled CPD detection

CPD detection has never been easier. The CPD Pointer Module brings remote CPD detection and ranging technology to any PNM platform. You can simply install the Pointer Module in a node, implement the pointer API within your PNM platform, and start polling modems to check for the presence of CPD within the node.


The CPD Pointer Module brings remote CPD detection and ranging technology to any PNM platform, without needing any headend hardware. It provides an elegant implementation of advanced technology that makes use of existing PNM infrastructure as a simple and low-cost reporting mechanism.

Small, low power CPD Pointer Modules are permanently installed in fiber nodes and connected to the standard forward and return test points. The module will then continuously scan the node for the presence of CPD by correlating live return signals with reference CPD signals created from samples of the forward. It’s the Arcom Digital Xcor technology implemented within the node. The CPD Pointer Module continuously transmits low-level CW carriers into the forward at an empty part of the spectrum or in the rolloff. The frequency of the carriers will change according to an algorithm known to the PNM platform. There, the carrier frequency offset indicates whether or not CPD is present in the node and the corresponding amplitude and time distance.

Finally, using your PNM platform with the CPD Pointer Module API implemented, you poll broadband capture enabled modems to capture spectrum and to resolve the location of the CW carriers—which provides the user with clear visibility of CPD in the node. Simple, easy, effective.

Like all other Xcor technology implementations, the CPD Pointer Module can see CPD well below the network noise floor. This enables you to find and fix problems before they can affect the network. It also provides visibility as the CPD levels change throughout the day. CPD Pointer modules can be installed and scaled incrementally to fit your operational and budgetary needs. They can be installed in all makes of nodes, either in the field, or pre-installed from the factory of your node vendor. This way, you get exactly what you need, when you need it.

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Scalable: There’s no need to install at all nodes simultaneously. With the CPD Pointer Module, you can add modules incrementally to nodes when it makes operational and budgetary sense.

Differentiate: The problem with CPD and noise is that they look the same in an all-digital network. Both manifest as an elevated noise floor, but they’re different impairments found in different parts of the network—CPD in the hardline, noise in the drop. Now you have the technology to tell them apart.

No Disruption: Out with the old way of troubleshooting! Now you can troubleshoot without taking the network down, which was required using yesterday’s techniques.

Complementary: The CPD Pointer Module works with your existing PNM tools and helps to leverage and get more out of your PNM investment.

Predictive: It provides visibility to impairments well below the noise floor, so you can fix problems before they become network affecting and impact your subscribers.

Informative: Get information remotely on CPD level and the time distance to the impairment from the node, for foolproof troubleshooting.

Easy: Our openly available API makes integration with any PNM platform quick and seamless.

Flexible: Works with any vendor’s node, only needing access to forward and return test points and power.

Leverage: Take advantage of the full band capture capabilities of DOCSIS 3.0 and 3.1 modems, and use this capability to get clear visibility to impairments that previously presented a challenge.

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