Customized to meet your needs

Designed to meet your specifications with flawless performance, Arcom produces a huge range of customizable filters to serve cable operators worldwide.

Built to help you
perform better

Compact: Extremely small for ease of installation.

Tailored: Fully customizable parameters to meet your exact requirements.

Acute: >20dB return loss.

Compliant: Meet all SCTE connector interface standards.

Secure: 6KV surge protected with >120dB shielding. And >1GHZ passbands.

Durable: Engineered to minimize broken taps ports better than longer, thinner designs.

Advanced: Designed using specialized modeling and synthesis software to optimizes response and return loss performance.

Identifiable: Color-coded, bar-coded labeling – and metal-stamped model number.

Weatherproof: 4-point precision weather-sealed female seizure mechanism and fully moisture-sealed construction for long-term reliability.

Effortless: Available pre-assembled with jumper and security shields.

Productivity driven


Models + options

Dual Tier


Lowpass FLP

Lowpass MLP

Notch (LC)


Flexar Technology

Arcom’s patented Flexar System to engineer the smallest size, best insertion loss, and best return loss filters in the industry.

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