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Line Conditioning

Filters designed to keep pace
with your changing network

With modern network architectures and increased bandwidths, maintaining the correct levels to the subscriber can present a challenge. Arcom line conditioning filters can help you do the job right and enable you to provide the proper signal level in any situation.

Productivity Driven

Built to help you perform better

Customizable: Fully customizable parameters to meet your exact requirements.

Sensitive: >20dB return loss.

Compliant: Meet all SCTE connector interface standards.

Guarded: 6KV surge protected.

Tailored: Available in dual F-port options, 7/16-inch hex, or spanner wrench.

Durable: Engineered to minimize broken taps ports better than longer, thinner designs.

ADVANCED: Designed using specialized modeling and synthesis software to optimize response and return loss performance.

Identifiable: Color-coded, bar-coded labeling – and metal-stamped model number.

Weatherproof: 4-point precision weather-sealed female seizure mechanism and fully moisture-sealed construction for long-term reliability.

>1GHZ passbands.

>120dB shielding.

EFFORTLESS: Available pre-assembled with jumper and security shields.

Models + options

Cable Simulator


Designed to act with the same loss characteristics as a length of cable, Arcom cable simulator filters are used where there is too much signal level at the home or tap.

We offer custom frequency and loss parameters option to meet your specific needs.

The plot above shows an example of a cable simulator, model ACS-870/15 decreases the signal level using a simple pad.

Forward Equalizer

Designed with a built-in low-pass filter, forward equalizers are used when return levels are acceptable and you want an equalizer that won‘t affect the return path.

FEQ-9/900 filter equalizes 9dB of cable loss at 900 MHz, while not affecting the return path frequencies.

Cable Equalizer


Arcom Cable equalizing filters offset the natural Attenuators characteristics of cables, so that when you add the cable loss to the equalizer response, you get something that resembles a flat line. Typically used on homes that have very long drops, the equalizer would be put before the home drop amp or MTA (media terminal adapter) so that the amplifier does not become overloaded due to the extreme tilt caused by extensive cable lengths.

AEQ-1000/20 filter equalizes 20 dB of cable loss at 1,000 MHz.

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