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The most intelligent network interrogation and Predictive Maintenance system

While other systems are able to determine that you have a problem in your network, only Hunter can tell you exactly what the impairment is. More importantly, only Hunter can tell you where the problem is located. Instead of simply knowing you have an issue, Hunter arms you with the critical information you need to better prioritize and allocate your maintenance resources and provides the technician with unique tools to quickly mitigate the problem in the field.

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Informative: Hunter provides the summarized impairment data you need to effectively prioritize the management and maintenance of your network. The type of impairment is identified prior to any fieldwork. You can easily determine whether the alarm is from CPD, impulse noise, ingress, or laser clipping – and have clear visibility as to how CNR is affected.

Comprehensive: Hunter works on all digital or mixed digital/analog systems and is the only interrogation system able to differentiate between CPD and ingress – critical in the all-digital world.

Predictive: Since Hunter can see impairments well below the system noise floor, it allows you to mitigate CPD impairments before they affect your network. Why wait until you have a problem?

Definitive: Technicians will no longer burn hours blindly searching the field for impairments. With Hunter, they can troubleshoot straight to the source.

Fast: Using Hunter, it takes the technician about an hour to locate a problem, even the most difficult and intermittent ones. These types of problems are virtually impossible to locate using typical test equipment. Get rid of those lingering problems that last for months and months.

No disruption: Unlike our competitors, our technologies are never disruptive to your network.

Efficient: Eliminate “no trouble found” from your dictionary. Arm your technicians with the right tools and information to quickly find problems – the first time.

Easy: Hunter’s intuitive operation makes it easy for any technician to quickly get up to speed and effectively use the tools.

Reliable: By alarming only low and critical CNR conditions, false alarms are eliminated. With Hunter, all alarms are real and need to be addressed – no chasing after “ghost” impairments.

Targeted: If the alarm is CPD, the technician uses the Xcor radar; if it is ingress, i-Scout probes or spectrum analyzer can be employed; if it is micro-reflections, use the NTC TDR. Hunter helps you select the right tool for each job – all in one piece of field hardware.

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