Fault identification and location

Multi-Hub Viewer

Managing and interpreting
data is now easier then ever

Multi-Hub Viewer (MHV) is engineered to allow Hunter installations within multiple hubs to be viewed on one screen. When one person is responsible for oversight of multiple hubs, the volume of unconsolidated input can be overwhelming. That’s why we developed MHV. With MHV, anyone in your organization can easily monitor what is happening across your network or on a single node. MHV tells the complete story.

Flexible Operation

View from the top

View high-level summary data for your entire network.

Zero in

Select a hub or even a single node to see impairments.


Monitor system performance and compare relative performance to see which hubs require the most immediate attention.
Productivity Driven

Built to help you perform better

Visibility: See all impairments across all Hunter installations. Common path distortion, laser clipping, poor CNR caused by ingress or impulse noise, outages – or anything alarmed by Hunter, can be viewed in relation to the other network issues.

Intelligent Prioritization: Better information helps you efficiently deploy and prioritize resources.

Clarity: Multi-Hub Viewer consolidates data from the multiple locations. Comparative summary data gives you the big picture of your complete network performance.

Immediacy: View all hubs, and how they are performing in real-time.

Granularity: Drill down to investigate exactly what is happening on a single node.

Accessibility: Remotely change Xcor hub settings for connected sites. Unlimited number of users can simultaneously work with the MHV Client program.

Security: Functions as a backup location for critical local hub data related to calibration, i-Scout distribution, and scan intervals.

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