Leak detection and tracking

QS Isolator

Advanced technology meets affordability

The QS Isolator is the quick, easy way to get to the source of the problem. Engineered to quickly and accurately locate and identify the source of signal leakage, QAM Snare flags a starting point from which the QS Isolator easily directs your technician to the offending device.

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EFFICIENT: Simple to use, just point and move in the direction of increasing detection level.

FOOLPROOF: Unlike other products, QS Isolator is immune to multipath distortion that could potentially point you in the wrong direction.

SENSITIVITY: The loop dipole antenna acts as a magnifying glass to make detected leaks easy to locate.

AGILE: Rapidly detects and locates QAM egress at any frequency.

PRECISE: No false alarms – no leaks missed.

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Take charge of your entire QAM Snare System.

Customize your QAM Snare platform to best suit your needs with QS Manager. Control alarm preferences, repair rules, and monitor QAM Snare field device usage and activity. Manage productivity by tracking and prioritizing repairs and assigning work orders. Make informed decisions with easy access to both short-term and historical leak detection and repair trends, and export your data to other companion systems and generate reports.

QS Manager
System management application


QS Isolator

QS Isolator Set

  • Troubleshoot LTE leakage without any other equipment.

QS Isolator

  • Leakage detector frequency band: 135-890 MHz (NTSC channels: 16-139)
  • Leakage detector sensitivity: – 127 dBm/ – 80 dBmV
  • time delay range in cross-correlation detector: – 50 ...+350 µs or -12 km (coax cable) .... + 70 km (fiber optic cable)
  • Leakage measurement sampling: twice per second
  • ISM FSK frequency: US: 902.5-927.5 MHz
  • FSK communication compatibility: Isolator TX/RX; Navigator; Monitor
  • Battery: 3.7V/7.8 AH Li-ion
  • Battery life: 15 hours (continuous work)
  • Weight: 400 g (3 cell battery pack)

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