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Remote-first network maintenance

Arcom Service Group Monitor gives you an edge in maintaining your network. You’ll no longer need to send a technician out in the field to troubleshoot Switched Digital Video issues. With SDV/SGM, you can remotely view any SDV channel on any stream, or any hub, without leaving the NOC. SDV requests are made remotely – video content and tuning control is forwarded to your location. This means less time wasted, greater productivity in the field, and increased efficiency in your network operation.

SDV/SGM Architecure

Built to help you
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Easy: Arcom SGM switch matrix is easily installed at the headend and each port of the switch is connected to a service group test point and return data Rx, and the output is connected to any STB.

Flexible: Add more switches easily and incrementally add new service groups, change associated nodes, or import the data in bulk.

Simple: The SGM web interface is customized for SDV troubleshooting and embedded in the installed master switch, so there is no software to install or maintain. Select your desired service group by service group number or node.

Control: Manage and control settings and user privileges. When a service group is selected, other users can see that the system is in use.

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We engineered Hunter devices and applications to work together seamlessly to deliver everything you need to get the job done smarter, faster and easier.

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