Proactive Network Maintenance


Reinvent the way you maintain your network.

Arcom PNM+ goes far beyond other proactive network maintenance products. Our solution provides a complete picture of your network’s performance in real time and arms you with the information you need to intelligently address both current and future network impairments. Typical PNM tools provide only a partial view of linear distortions focusing on micro-reflections. Only Arcom PNM+ gives you the unique ability to also view non-linear distortions like CPD, often called ‘noise’ by technicians resulting from connector corrosion or overloaded amplifiers – real problems that need to be addressed for optimal DOCSIS performance, especially in a 3.1 environment. We have also implemented broadband modem signal capture, integrated network maps, and provided correlation groups that direct you to problem locations – all the things you should expect in a complete PNM solution.

The real difference between predictive and preventive.

Arcom PNM+ is the only system designed to perform predictive maintenance. Pre-equalization coefficient analysis identify areas with linear distortions beyond the ability of a modem to fully compensate – problems that are happening now. However, Arcom PNM+ also detects CPD to identify locations where non-linear distortions exist – areas that are either currently network affecting or could be network affecting in the future. These sources of corrosion will only deteriorate over time, and PNM+ allows you to identify them early and prioritize repair at your convenience before they can affect your network. PNM+ keeps your network running smoothly and lets you stay one step ahead of any issue.

Productivity Driven

Built to help you perform better

Cost-effective: Determine accurately the level of effect any given impairment will have on your network – this saves time and money on service calls and keeps critical service calls to a minimum.

Efficient: Select a specific CM location on the map to highlight other problem-causing modems in the correlation group and identify the precise cause of the issue. This gives your technicians the info they need to perform repairs effectively.

Comprehensive: See every type of impairment across your entire system. Differentiate between the type of ingress noise and CPD. Gain visibility on CPD, micro-reflections, forward suck-outs and level problems, laser clipping, poor CNR caused by ingress or impulse noise, outages, LTE/3G ingress or any other factors. Anything alarmed by Hunter can automatically be recognized and named based on scientific methods – not arbitrarily set level thresholds – and can also be viewed in relation to other network issues.

Effective: Determine if impairments are network-affecting, so you don’t waste time and money on unnecessary service calls.

Clear: Get the big picture of your network performance – better information helps you efficiently deploy and prioritize resources. View all hubs and monitor their performance in real-time, then consolidate the data from multiple locations to summarize and compare.

Detailed: Drill down to investigate exactly what is happening on a single node.

Time Synchronized: View real-time synchronicity of RF network impairments simultaneous to impairment found in the CMTS.

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PNM+ in the field

Only Arcom has the field tools for technicians to troubleshoot every kind of identifiable impairment without interrupting network operation. Our full line of Quiver field devices are equipped with innovative Xcor radar that pinpoints non-linear distortions and with the innovative network traffic-compatible TDR that pinpoints linear distortions and micro-reflection without taking the network down. We offer you the flexibility to work the way you need to.

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