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Arcom’s Pilot Transmitter provides a means to test home network shielding efficiency (SE) at the LTE and aeronautic band. When high level transmitters like mobile phones are in close proximity to the home network – with its inherent low signal levels and often old and suspect wiring –it can often mean that even sub 1µ/m leaks need to be mitigated to eliminate interference.

The Pilot Transmitter is our solution to this problem. In order to operate, the home network is temporarily disconnected from the cable network and the Pilot Transmitter is connected at either the grounding block or the drop side of the tap. The transmitter generates high-level (+40dBmV) pilots, which are easily detectable using a QAM Snare Navigator Plus or Snoop. This technique makes the troubleshooting process quick and easy, and allows you to test the shielding efficiency of the home network at up to 100 dB/m.

Pilot carriers at Aero and LTE bands

Pilot Transmitter generates pilots at both the LTE and aeronautical band to minimize multipath and make troubleshooting faster and easier.
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Agile: The Pilot Transmitter can generate pilots at both the LTE and aeronautical band. Using two pilots at different frequencies minimizes multipath and simplifies the troubleshooting process.

On Target: An illustration of the pilot frequencies is shown above. At the LTE band, frequency variations of cables within walls make it critical to select a frequency very close to the channel with the ingress problem. This ensures that you troubleshoot the correct problem – working far from the LTE band will yield poor results.

Shielded and Accurate: The agile transmit frequency can be configured by the companion Navigator Plus or Snoop. the Navigator Plus and Snoop provide the detected level both as a shielding efficiency number and as an actual leak level number, recalculating the displayed number to be consistent with typical home signal levels and not the +40dBmV. The shielding efficiency number provides a more intuitive representation of what falls within acceptable limits.

In-Home Ingress Detection: The Pilot mode may also be used for troubleshooting low frequency ingress issues inside the home.

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