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Providing meaningful value to our customers.

We work with our customers to understand their challenges and create solutions that help improve their performance in lots of little ways that have a big impact on their business.

Decades of sustained innovation

It’s all about the customer – and not just our customers, but theirs too. For more than 35 years we’ve been in the field, testing and retesting everything we make alongside our customers, on their systems, gathering their feedback to continually iterate and make improvements. We’ve built our success on this unique approach to innovation – we engineer solutions by studying our clients and developing answers that are efficient, effective, and tuned to their exact needs, both today and tomorrow.

Innovative Timeline

Temperature- stabilized trap

Arcom produces the first temperature-stabilized trap using four poles and an innovative urethane encapsulation method.


Double Density Tiering

Arcom introduces both the first double density tiering filter and the first miniature trap.


Gaussian system

Arcom takes a significant leap in positive filter technology with minimal loss of picture quality.


Step Attenuator

Arcom invents a new technique to mitigate return path noise and ingress.



Arcom produces the first pay television scrambling system to utilize surface acoustic wave filter technology.


Arcom Digital is founded

Looking at the status quo test equipment and network monitoring tools, we saw some deficiency and room for improvement. We formed Arcom Digital to introduce new solutions based on modern digital signal processing techniques – to enable operators to better maintain their network.



Arcom is able to reduce network distortions through a carrier phase optimization feedback and control system for modulators.


CPD Hunter

We are the first and only company to use chirp radar to detect and locate non-linear distortions. These distortions can wreak havoc upon a network and ruin the user’s experience. With CPD Hunter, impairments can be identified, tracked down, and repaired.


Xcor Hunter

Xcor Hunter is the technological progression of CPD Hunter. Using passive radar techniques with existing QAM channels as the probing signal, it allows for unobtrusive identification and detection of nonlinear distortion in the HFC network.



Our first-of-its-kind probing system is permanently installed at strategic points within the network, allowing operators to quickly locate the source of ingress within a plant.


QS field testing

Using correlation technology, for the first time, QAM signal leaking from the cable network was able to be measured – and the source location identified.


QS Commercial introduction

After extensive field testing the first QAM Snare Navigator and Isolator product are introduced to the industry, allowing for quick and easy identification of LTE signal leakage.



We answered a specific customer’s need by engineering this inexpensive, easy-to-implement method for remotely troubleshooting Switched Digital Video service group problems.



We were the first to remotely monitor forward network performance by placing small spectrum analyzer probes on existing line passives.



We added LTE signal strength measurement as an integrated component of the QAM Snare leakage detection process, giving users the means to efficiently and effectively prioritize repair.


Pilot transmitter

Our solution allow the technician to easily troubleshoot shielding efficiency (SE) at the LTE band in the difficult home network environment where sub 1uV leaks can be a problem.


Navigator and Isolator Plus

These third-generation QAM Snare field devices eliminated the need to use two devices for detection, simplifying the leak identification process.



A new and innovative network traffic-compatible TDR that troubleshoots locations of linear distortions while the network remains up and running – no more taking the network down to troubleshoot.


Arcom PNM+

With synchronicity between RF and CMTS impairments, Arcom Proactive Network Maintenance Plus goes well beyond other PNM tools to help customers better monitor and maintain their network.


QS Snoop

A fourth-generation QAM Snare product specifically focused for the needs of the fulfillment technician.


Virtual Hunter

The next generation virtual Hunter platform for DAA is introduced adding network monitoring for CPD implemented in software.


Simple Sweep

New return sweep and balance for DAA, with no headend equipment or NDR channel required.


OUDP Leakage Detection

Arcom develops and patents a leakage detection approach utilizing OUDP signaling for the cable modem.


High Split Leakage Detection

The first leakage equipment for high split networks utilizing OUDP detection ships to customers.

Arcom Leadership

Katy Frisch

President, Arcom Labs

Katy Frisch

President, Arcom Labs

Katy Frisch has grown up in the business and understands it on an intrinsic level. She also understands that as a leader at Arcom, her job is to facilitate communication across all levels. Communication with the client is important, but so is enabling greater community and understanding within Arcom. Katy ensures that every day at Arcom is an improvement upon the last, with employees having a firm grasp of their own limitations and abilities in order to improve their process and better serve the client.

Chris Graham

VP, North American Sales

Chris Graham

VP, North American Sales

Chris’s goal is to never settle for satisfactory. He meets each customer and client with the aim of exceeding their expectations, making sure they walk away from the experience pleasantly surprised. He strives to ensure that Arcom’s customer support surpasses the competition’s to the same extent that their technological innovation does. A key factor in Christopher’s ability to meet client needs is his skill as a listener. Christopher makes a point to gather as much information from the client as possible in order to suit their needs. Furthermore, he views listening to the client as a learning process, which helps Arcom tailor their offerings to be as relevant and effective as possible. Earning a customer’s loyalty takes a long time and a lot of effort – and Christopher Graham is in it for the long haul with each one.

Greg Tresness

President, Arcom Digital

Greg Tresness

President, Arcom Digital

Under Greg’s guidance, Arcom has consistently produced the most innovative and unique solutions in the industry. Gregory takes great pride in the solutions pioneered by Arcom, all of which have helped his clients gain greater visibility over their network and extensively increased the efficiency of maintenance and repairs. He has worked hard to ensure that Arcom’s products marry technical innovation with customer need. It is his goal that every Arcom product leads the pack in ease of use and implementation. Greg’s goal is to have every product he champions make his customers’ job and life distinctly easier.

Barb Beckner

VP, Corporate Sales

Barb Beckner

VP, Corporate Sales

Barb’s 30 years of experience at Arcom have taught her that she holds a position founded upon trust. She values the trust that Arcom has placed in her to represent the company, and she is determined to generate the same level of trust in each client she interfaces with. Barb prides herself on the individual attention and care that she provides to each customer. Each interaction with a customer is a chance to learn about the customer’s business needs and level of satisfaction. Because of her focus on trust, Barb works hard to deal honestly and frankly with her customers – no sugarcoating or appeasing. Instead, she learns their exact needs and provides them with accurate information about Arcom’s offerings, working with the client to find the right solution.

Roman Pierzchanowski

Technical Director

Roman Pierzchanowski

Technical Director

Roman pairs innovation with efficiency in his work at Arcom. Although ambition drives him to continually develop new and advanced solutions, a consideration for the needs of the customer, the network and the business give that ambition a focused edge. Roman’s disciplined approach to innovation has kept Arcom at the head of the pack for years, and will continue to do so.

Corporate Citizenship

At Arcom, we focus our resources in the communities where we do business, fulfilling our commitment to creating a positive impact through technology and better communication.

Friends of the Zoo

Providing a world-class zoo to visitors from Central New York and beyond.

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Friends of Jowonio

Providing inclusive programs for young children, where diversity is celebrated and all are free to learn and grow.

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Vera House Foundation

Working to end all domestic and sexual violence, to assist families in crisis, and to support those affected by domestic and sexual violence.

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Food Bank CNY

Working to eliminate hunger through nutritious food distribution, education, and advocacy in cooperation with the community.

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Advocates Inc.

Helping individuals with developmental disabilities to direct their own lives and create a vision for their future.

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Access CNY

Empowering people with developmental disabilities, acquired brain injuries (ABI) and mental health issues to reach their full potential.

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David’s Refuge

Providing a place of respite for parents and guardians of children with special needs or life-threatening medical conditions.

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Boys + Girls Club

Enabling all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.

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Clear Path for Veterans

Helping veterans, military members and their families through self-empowerment, peer-to-peer support, and community involvement.

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Burton Blatt Institute

Reaching around the globe in its efforts to advance the civic, economic, and social participation of people with disabilities.

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