Leak detection and tracking

QS Navigator +

Powerful, accurate,
and surprisingly simple

The QS Navigator Plus makes it easy for technicians to find and fix leaks in the field with just one device. Navigator Plus can simultaneously perform up to four separate leakage detection sessions at multiple frequencies. Forward compatible with FDX and high split OUDP, and backward compatible with OFDM, direct QAM, analog, and pilot QAM inserted carrier detection modes – Navigator Plus can meet all of your leakage detection needs, today and tomorrow. The Navigator Plus gets full information on the desired detection profile (detection frequencies, detection mode for each frequency, and configuration for each detection mode) automatically from the QAM Snare Server as a hub or area boundary is crossed. This allows for the flexibility of different detection profiles for different areas of plant – and automatic meter configuration without technicians needing to press buttons to set up the meter when something changes. Simple, accurate, easy.

Flexible Operation

QS NavigatoR+

Easily detect and locate egress

Intuitive Interface

View activity in all three detection bands on one simple screen.


See the correlator response for a different view

Map View

Once a leak is detected, QS calculates GPS coordinates and displays the leak location on a map.

Close Leaks

Quickly and easily close leaks from the device, and update the database with information on remaining level and your customized close codes.
Models + Options
Productivity Driven

Built to help you perform better

PERCEPTIVE: Engineered for acute sensitivity to reveal signal egress and provide complete visibility across the spectrum. Provides up to four simultaneous detection sessions.

MAP: Display a map showing exact leak location right on the detector screen.

IMPERVIOUS: Immune to multipath, making leakage detection hassle-free.

AGILE: Perform leakage detection at a relevant frequency and automatically measure LTE signal strength to prioritize repair for relevant locations while you’re at it.

ACCURATE: Mathematically determines the GPS location of the leak using doppler and/or TDOA techniques– no guesswork.

RELIABLE: No more of the false alarms that plague other systems. With QAM Snare Navigator you can confidently send your team to fix real problems.

SIMPLE: Intuitive design and simple user interface makes it easy to detect and locate LTE and aeronautical band affecting egress.

FUTURE-PROOF: Fully OFDM and OUDP compliant. QAM Snare operates in Analog, Analog tag, QAM, OFDM and OUDP modes.

System Options

Tools to help you
work smarter, not harder

Take charge of your entire QAM Snare System.

Customize your QAM Snare platform to best suit your needs with QS Manager. Control alarm preferences, repair rules, and monitor QAM Snare field device usage and activity. Manage productivity by tracking and prioritizing repairs and assigning work orders. Make informed decisions with easy access to both short-term and historical leak detection and repair trends, and export your data to other companion systems and generate reports.

QS Manager
System management application


QS Navigator +

QS Navigator +

  • Sensitivity: -130 dBm (-81dBmV) under conditions: Frequency band = 6MHz, accumulation time = 1msecond and SNR=10 dB
  • Modes of Operation: 4 Leakage detection sessions depending upon operating mode
  • Detector Modes: Analog, Analog tag, QAM, OFDM, OUDP for FDX and high split
  • Tuning range: 121 – 1,100 MHz
  • Communication modes: WiFi
  • Battery Pack: 3.7V 10.4 AH Li-Ion
  • Max. input signal level: 0 dBmV
  • Leakage measurement sampling: twice per second
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