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Dennis Schmidt

Lynx Cable Alberta

“We have been using the HUNTER system for several years now. I can’t begin to say how much it has helped us ‘clean up’ our cable system. When it was first installed, it was interesting to see actually how much CPD was apparent on the system. We recently applied the i-scout system to HUNTER with great results. It’s easy to compliment ARCOM on this product because it’s easy to use and efficient in finding problems that affect the system AND problems that are there that WILL AFFECT the system in the future.”
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Troy L.

Top Tier MSO Technician

“It is easy to see that the portability of this unit, the ease of operation, and the ability to find problems without interrupting service, this is definitely a strong and valuable tool that needs to be added to our arsenal of test equipment. I hope that we will be seeing the units added to our test equipment list soon.”
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Micah - Network Maintenance Tech

Top Tier MSO

“The Quiver is one of the [best] ways to immediately improve the customer experience on a large scale...” “I have had great success using the Quiver many times now over the past year. Whether it’s a one-time outage or an annoying repeat offender, the results are undeniable...” “Since then we have had several more Quiver ‘victories’ and we no longer have reoccurring CPD events. The most frustrating thing is not having it when we need it. This is something that needs to be on every maintenance truck in the future.”
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Rick B., Daryl T. and Engin A.

Top Tier MSO

“The quiver helped me find intermittent CPD in RC20 that I had been chasing for several months. After these repairs the noise floor in Path tracks dropped 3db and I have not seen the CPD in this node since. Another good aspect of this tool is that it is non-intrusive for the customer. In my opinion, this is a very useful tool and should pay for itself by eliminating lost troubleshooting time. It will improve our PPI, TC rate, COI & Repeat rates too. Quiver will help us maintain the return spectrum in a much more efficient way that no other tool we currently have can do.”
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Kevin C.

Top 5 MSO Technician

“I’ve dreaded the day when you would ask for your Quiver back, but thus far I would say it is one of the most valuable tools I have seen for a while.”

John N. - Tech Ops Supervisor

Large US MSO

“In each case, the meter gave them an accurate footage reading and walked them right to CPD events in the plant. Having this meter gave them the ability to fix these issues on the first trip, rather than having to be in the right place at the right time. With a Quiver meter he was able to fix in 5 min what had eluded him for over 3 weeks. In conclusion, this meter helped us find numerous problems in all of the three systems that we used it in. I could list many more examples of problems that we found, these are just a few. Having this meter in our systems would increase my tech’s efficiency, and save an unbelievable amount of time. It would also allow us to be truly proactive rather than reactive, and fix issues before they affect our customers.”
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Xcor + Quiver

Field Test

Major European MSO

“The result of the first day was that node 902 was cleaned such it reached parameters close to the “gold standard” nodes. The initial CNR readings were between 34 and 31dB. After repair they improved from between 40 - 36dB. The second day was dedicated to demonstrating how Quiver can be used in a “gold standard” node with extremely low noise floor, to find very low level CPD.”
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