Leak Detection and Tracking

QAM Snare®

Leading the leakage detection revolution

The first generation of QAM Snare® was introduced in 2009. Our innovative method of direct detection of QAM signals using correlation processing and its corresponding superior detection and location performance allowed us to quickly move from the new player in leakage to the market leader. Over time we continued to evolve and improve the platform – with a focus on ease of use for the technician. We added new features such as direct OFDM detection requiring no headend equipment or inserted carriers, improved doppler based location algorithms, and measurement of LTE downlink signal strength which allow an intelligent means to prioritize repair. We invented the pressure test technique, invented means to eliminate multipath – making last step location extremely simple for the technician, introduced meters for the fulfillment technician, introduced a better way to detect in distributed CCAP architectures, added numerous important management and reporting tools, and added capability to detect pilots generated from certain other vendors hardware. Now in our fourth generation of QAM Snare detectors, we have added our patented high split and FDX upstream OUDP detection capability.

QAM Snare’s cutting-edge technology far surpasses the competition in all categories: sensitivity, location accuracy, frequency agility, flexibility, time to repair and simplicity of use. With QAM Snare, finding leaks is easy – just go to the flagged location. If you want to make the most of your network’s operations and performance, arm your technicians with QAM Snare.

Productivity Driven

Built to help you perform better

Agile: Perform leakage detection at a relevant frequency and automatically measure LTE signal strength to prioritize repair for relevant locations while you’re at it.

Perceptive: Engineered with the required sensitivity to find sources of forward and return signal leakage. Provides complete egress visibility across the spectrum with simultaneous detection on up to four analog, QAM, OFDM, or OFDMA (OUDP) leakage sessions.

Instructive: With a built-in real-time leakage, tracking, and work order database, you get an immediate and complete picture of network integrity, which allows for better informed decisions regarding maintenance and compliance support.

INTUITIVE: Display a map showing exact leak locations right on the detector screen.

Flexible: A complete family of products designed to add appropriate digital leakage detection for the appropriate technician type, from line tech to fulfillment tech. We offer whatever makes the most sense for your business.

Impervious: Immune to multipath, making leakage detection hassle-free.

Accurate: Mathematically determines the GPS location of the leak – no guesswork.

Compatible: Leakage database is open and fully exportable to any other application or management system.

Reliable: No more of the false alarms that plague other systems.

Intelligent Prioritization: Fix the leaks you need to fix, and don’t waste time on the others.

Simple: A streamlined user interface makes it easy to detect and locate LTE affecting egress, and QAM Snare’s correlation process eliminates the hassle and long-term uncertainty that adding carriers between QAMs brings.

Compliant: Capable of FCC CLI form generation when operating at aeronautical frequencies.

Future-proof: Fully OUDP compatible for high split and FDX. QAM Snare operates in Analog, Pilot QAM, QAM, OFDM, and OUDP modes.

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