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Security Shields

Reduce service theft

Protect your network from service theft and subscriber tampering. Arcom security shields are engineered for durability to endure harsh environments. We offer many options, including factory-assembled kits with jumper, security shield, and filter. These assemblies can significantly reduce install time.

Productivity Driven

Built to Help you Perform Better

Secure: Reduce service theft and subscriber tampering.

Fast: Designed for quick and easy installation.

Easy: Factory-assembled option to save time.

Tailored: A solution to fit your requirements.

Models + Options

AS-F 1" F Connector Shield

AS-S 4" ABS Security Shield

AS-D 6" ABS Security Shield

CS-S 4" Clear Security Shield

CS-D 6" Clear Security Shield

MS-2 2" Metal Security Shield

MS-2.75 2.75" Metal Security Shield

MS-4.75 4.75" Metal Security Shield

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