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Seamless integration

QAM Snare® is based on a variant of Arcom’s field proven correlation processing technology and optimized for leakage detection. The QAM platform provides precise, pinpointed leak locations in real-time, along with amplitude and frequency data and LTE signal strength. The platform provides much more than just leak data – you get an immediate and complete picture of network integrity, and our unique Intelligent Prioritization process helps you make the right decisions as to where to most sensibly and efficiently direct your repair resources.

See what others can’t

We’ve conducted extensive testing to confirm several facts: the higher you go in frequency, the more leaks there are. Leak characteristics will vary depending on frequency range and there is no correlation between low and high frequency leaks, There is also minimal correlation between leaks at the LTE band and leaks for example 150MHz away from it – but this is where other competing systems operate. All systems have a significant volume of undetected LTE frequency leaks, because they never had the technology to detect them. And lastly, there are simply too many high frequency leaks to attempt to fix them all – some process needs to be employed to logically prioritize repair.

Cross-correlation and TDOA technology

QAM Snare uses samples of the desired QAM channel that are captured at the headend and received at the field unit via a wireless IP connection. The field unit performs a correlation process comparing the headend samples with samples acquired from the field detector antenna. When the signals correlate, it indicates that the off-air signal is the same signal as originated at the headend. As part of the correlation process, QAM Snare® calculates the time delay from when the signal left the headend, traveled over fiber, over coax to the leak location, and finally over free space to the antenna at the field location. Through a process called Time Difference of Arrival, QAM Snare® uses this information to resolve the exact GPS location of the leak source in real-time.

Instantly monitor 3 channels
at the same time

In order to get the full picture of the egress characteristics of the plant and to identify weaknesses in the network, you need capability to monitor multiple frequencies simultaneously. QAM Snare® is the only system that directly measures digital leakage and operates simultaneously on up to three channels. With precise, real-time leakage location and amplitude and frequency data, QAM Snare gives you an immediate and complete picture of network integrity, allowing for better and more informed decisions as to where to direct maintenance and compliance support.

Use LTE signal strength as an
important prioritization criterion

The QAM Snare correlation process is performed in only a fraction of a second. During idle time, the agile tuner jumps to the LTE downlink and public safety bands and measures the maximum signal strength across the band. This information is included in the data packet sent to the server. Every leak therefore has an associated LTE signal strength, which can be used to help prioritize repair. Leaks at locations with strong LTE signal strength can be repaired first (even if it is a smaller leak) – and leaks at locations with weak LTE signal strength that are likely neither the source of egress or ingress problems can be ignored.

The right tool for the job

QAM Snare is not just one product, but a complete family of products designed to provide you with the flexibility to add digital Leak Detection as it makes sense within your business processes and objectives. QAM Snare Navigator is designed primarily for the line technician charged with finding and fixing the leak. And QS Snoop is designed for the fulfillment technician to detect leaks inside the customer home or MDU.

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