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Greatest performance in the smallest package

Over the years Arcom has designed many thousands of custom tiering filters to meet the performance needs of cable television operators worldwide. Arcom’s newest FlexAr tiering filters have the best performance response in the industry in the smallest package. Our manufacturing process is designed to produce the best filters available quickly and efficiently, according to your exact specifications and timeline.

Productivity Driven

Built to Help you Perform Better

Customizable: Customized and individually engineered to meet your exact requirements.

Performance: >20dB return loss.

Compliant: Meet SCTE connector interface standards.

Secure: 6KV surge protected – >120dB shielding.

Tailored: Available in dual F-port options, 7/16-inch hex, or spanner wrench installation.

Durable: Short and Fat design engineered to minimize broken taps or ports, and a more efficient lower profile option compared to fragile Long and Skinny designs.

Engineering: Designed using state-of-the-art modeling, synthesis, and EM analysis software that optimizes response and return loss performance.

Identifiable: Color-coded, bar-coded labeling – and metal-stamped model number.

Weatherproof: 4-point precision weather-sealed female seizure mechanism and fully moisture-sealed construction for long-term reliability.

>1GHZ passbands.

Effortless: Available pre-assembled with jumper and security shields.

Models + Options

Data Only

Eliminate video content while bypassing upstream and downstream modem frequencies.

Band Segmentation

For basic-only customers to extend basic, B2 analog, or non-encrypted digital programming content.

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